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Patent-based Stock Picking System

We cannot solve the problems due to debasing of money all over the world done by governments since there is money.

But you can escape the problem by generating money with the help of CATSys4.2, the fundraising system of our charity organization.
You can generate profitable stocks for free of use.

CATSys can find winner stocks by extracting the supply chain from the EU and US Patent databases.
Our patent lawyers complement the bill of material (BOM) CATSys builds
For some of the companies down in the supply chain this leads to a buy recommendation for CATSys
at the earliest point in time. This means low price.
All our stocks have patents and are profitable and sustainable.
You can link to the patent details on the stock level.

CATSys is owned by “Stiftung Morning Star” Basel, Switzerland,
Registration Number: CHE-256.558.835, Swiss Chamber of Commerce.

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